Google Deep Dream Artworks

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A few weeks ago Google published the code for its Deep Dream algorithm. Since then the internet is flooded with surreal pictures. After dreaming deep there are eyes, dogs, insects and funny buildings everywhere in the image.

As a photographer and digital artist I was hooked from the first minute since I discovered some sites that process images with different Deep Dream filters. I found it important not to overdo the effects, some pictures show tons of dog faces and nothing else after dreaming them. 

I'm still in the middle of the creative process finding out what works best and how to do it but I wanted to show you some interesting results. All of the source photos and illustrations are either my own or from websites that offer free to use images with a CC0 license.

Enough words for now, dive deep into a surreal, trippy and quirky world! All images are available as posters, framed prints, canvas, metal or acrylic prints. You can even get phone cases, throw pillows, duvet covers or shower curtains if you like: Deep Dream gallery

Bulldog Google Deep Dream pictureBulldogSurreal and trippy dog seen through the eye of the Google Deep Dream Algorithm

Colorful bulldog

Colorful surreal deep dream lionTrippy lionGoogle Deep Dream processed a lion photo

Trippy lion portrait

Magic mushroom fly agaric Google deep dreamMagic mushroomFly agaric deep dream Trippy and surreal magic mushroom Fly Agaris - Googles dreams must be really deep... ;-)

Surreal trippy doll Google Deep Dream imageHorror dollBefore the treatment with the Google Deep Dream algorithm she was a nice and cute doll... Whoa, what happened with this cute little doll?

Surreal Halloween creature formerly known as pumpkinHappy Halloween!Orange pumpkin as seen through the eyes of the Google Deep Dream algorithm

Can you guess what this orange creature was before Google processed it? Yes, right, a halloween pumpkin... :-)

New York Manhattan map Google Deep DreamNew York City mapTrippy Manhattan how Google Deep Dream sees it New York seems to be a place full of trippy and surreal creatures... This is an old city map from 1870 processed with Deep Dream.

Red Rose Google Deep Dream ArtGoogle Deep Dream ArtRed rose surreal and trippy Red rose abstract and surreal

Deep dream art for your wall 

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