Puffins - cute birds in Iceland

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What is cuter than a puffin? Two puffins! O.K. this is a lame joke but it's true: those birds are just wonderful!

As you already may know I'm a big Iceland fan. I visited this fascinating island two times with my wife (2014 and 2015) and loved everything about it: the breathtaking nature, the people - and of course the puffins!

Puffin on a hill with blue water in IcelandKing of the hillPuffin looking at the blue water of the ocean

Puffins breed in large colonies, the female puffin lays one single egg in April / May, during the hatching time (about 40 days) the parents work together, they both incubate the egg.

Puffin couple in IcelandChecking the nestPuffin couple in Iceland Everything o.k. with our breeding place darling?

Usually a tunnel leads to the nest. The breeding place is used again in the following years, Puffins have a  long-term relationship.

PuffinSummertime...Don't you just love the beak of this cute birds? After fledging, the pufflings (isn't this a cute name for the chicks?) spend the first few years of their lives at sea, returning to breed about five years later.

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There are several places where you can spot these cute birds but the Puffin's paradise is Latrabjarg, one of the world's largest bird cliffs. located in the West of Iceland. You can walk many miles along the cliffs, this is a little part of them:

Latrabjarg cliffs in West IcelandLatrabjarg cliff coastLots of birds are breeding here

Take care! If you are one of the eager bird photographers: please do yourself a favor and take care. Don't go to close to the edge, it can crumble at any time - and the way down is looooong...

Let's enjoy some more shots of this lovely animals, shall we? O.K. here we go:

Puffin couple in loveThis must be loveHere's looking at you kid

Puffin on a rock in Latrabjarg IcelandEnjoying the sunPuffin taking a rest

Puffin on a rock in Latrabjarg West IcelandA place to beLatrabjarg is a great place to breed

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