Fractal Art with jewel tones for your Home Decor

January 16, 2017  •  2 Comments

Jewel colors - I always loved them when creating my Fractal Art and now they are one of the trending color combinations for 2017 in the Home Decor and Interior Design area.

Fractal Art with jewel colors square formatFascinating ColorsSpirals and Floral Elements

Fractals are Math Art, based on complex formulas. But who said a Fractal can't be decorative? With the help of modern software programs and a creative mind Fractal Artists are able to create stunning work.

My love for jewel colored abstract art started with this work:

Jewel colored abstract fractal artMy first jewel colored FractalGreen, purple, gold and much more

While the square format supports the balance and harmony of this artwork I have to admit it looks really good in horizontal format too:

Fractal Art Print with fascinating green purple and golden jewel colorsOne of my favoritesDecorative and luxe And yes, of course, there is a vertical one available too. They are all in my Fractal Art Gallery with more than 500 images.

I noticed that this type of Fractals resonates with people of all ages. One of the pictures in this blogpost hangs in my office. When I searched for the right frame the print was lying on a table of the picture framing store. Two young girls (about 15 years old) walked by and immediately stopped, staring at the print. "Wie geil ist das denn?" whispered one of them before they moved on (can be translated with "Wow, how cool is that?"). Imagine the broad grin on my face... :-)

Fractal with jewel tones green purple goldCold and warm colors combinedLuxe Fractal Art square format

Same color scheme but this one gives more focus to the warm yellow, golden and brown tones.

Let's take a look at one of the vertical ones shall we? O.K. how do you like this:

Spirals and Fractal leaves vertical format Art PrintCool jewel tones in this oneFractals are the most beautiful Math Art

The tones are way more cool here - and we have a small black Mandelbrot Set in the center of the image.

Fractal Art with golden green and purple tonesLast but not leastBeautiful warm jewel tones

Abstract Art with jewel tones for sale

So if you like the combination of spirals, floral elements and jewel tones: dive into this Gallery and check out your options. All pictures are available as Poster, Framed Print, Canvas Print, Metal Print, Acrylic Print and even as wood print!





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Always was attracted by fractals and even wanted to learn, but its the way toooo difficult for me )
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