Fractal Spirals with warm orange red and brown colors for your Home Decor

January 30, 2017  •  2 Comments

Fractal Art with warm tones - what a great way to decorate a room. When creating new Fractals I often work in series. If you follow my work you already know that I'm into spirals. While trying out new color combinations I discovered a wonderful combination of orange, coral, chocolate, khaki, sandybrown, and black:

Fractal Spirals with warm orange and red tones.Luxe Fractal ArtSpirals with amazing colors

This subtle and inspiring tones are perfect for your Hygge Decor. Never heard of this new trend? Hygge (pronounced hooga) is the Danish concept of a healthier and happier lifestyle. Enjoy the simple things in life (beeing with friends, good food, natural materials). Art with a warm and calm color scheme is a great way to support this.

Luxe Fractal Spiral with warm orange and red tonesBeautiful warm colorsDecorative Spiral

Luxe Spiral.

Abstract Fractal Art warm orange and black tonesAbstract art orange and blackFascinating Math Art

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Matthias Hauser Fotografie
Thanks Laura. Fractals are made with software, just start a Google or Bing search for 'fractal software free' and you will find some free programs to start with.
Laura Shelly(non-registered)
Beautiful. How are these made? I'm an artist too. New to Pinterest. Please feel free to check out my work and tell me what you think. Laura Shelly's Art and Jewelry board, or www.lshellysartandjewelry. I really like your artwork, it's very vibrant, love the colors.
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