Matthias Hauser Fotografie: Blog en-us (C) Matthias Hauser (Matthias Hauser Fotografie) Mon, 21 Aug 2017 06:08:00 GMT Mon, 21 Aug 2017 06:08:00 GMT Matthias Hauser Fotografie: Blog 120 80 Fractal Spirals with warm orange red and brown colors for your Home Decor Fractal Art with warm tones - what a great way to decorate a room. When creating new Fractals I often work in series. If you follow my work you already know that I'm into spirals. While trying out new color combinations I discovered a wonderful combination of orange, coral, chocolate, khaki, sandybrown, and black:

Fractal Spirals with warm orange and red tones.Luxe Fractal ArtSpirals with amazing colors

This subtle and inspiring tones are perfect for your Hygge Decor. Never heard of this new trend? Hygge (pronounced hooga) is the Danish concept of a healthier and happier lifestyle. Enjoy the simple things in life (beeing with friends, good food, natural materials). Art with a warm and calm color scheme is a great way to support this.

Luxe Fractal Spiral with warm orange and red tonesBeautiful warm colorsDecorative Spiral

Luxe Spiral.

Abstract Fractal Art warm orange and black tonesAbstract art orange and blackFascinating Math Art

Buy Fractal Art Prints online

Check out this Fractals and more than 500 other ones here: Fractal Art Prints Gallery

High quality posters and prints (framed, canvas, metal, acrylic or wood) available, 30 days money back guarantee on every purchase.

If you are interested in one of the artworks in this blogpost just click on the image, check out your options and get inspired.

Questions? Use the contact form and ask, I will be more than happy to answer.

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Fractal Art with jewel tones for your Home Decor Jewel colors - I always loved them when creating my Fractal Art and now they are one of the trending color combinations for 2017 in the Home Decor and Interior Design area.

Fractal Art with jewel colors square formatFascinating ColorsSpirals and Floral Elements

Fractals are Math Art, based on complex formulas. But who said a Fractal can't be decorative? With the help of modern software programs and a creative mind Fractal Artists are able to create stunning work.

My love for jewel colored abstract art started with this work:

Jewel colored abstract fractal artMy first jewel colored FractalGreen, purple, gold and much more

While the square format supports the balance and harmony of this artwork I have to admit it looks really good in horizontal format too:

Fractal Art Print with fascinating green purple and golden jewel colorsOne of my favoritesDecorative and luxe And yes, of course, there is a vertical one available too. They are all in my Fractal Art Gallery with more than 500 images.

I noticed that this type of Fractals resonates with people of all ages. One of the pictures in this blogpost hangs in my office. When I searched for the right frame the print was lying on a table of the picture framing store. Two young girls (about 15 years old) walked by and immediately stopped, staring at the print. "Wie geil ist das denn?" whispered one of them before they moved on (can be translated with "Wow, how cool is that?"). Imagine the broad grin on my face... :-)

Fractal with jewel tones green purple goldCold and warm colors combinedLuxe Fractal Art square format

Same color scheme but this one gives more focus to the warm yellow, golden and brown tones.

Let's take a look at one of the vertical ones shall we? O.K. how do you like this:

Spirals and Fractal leaves vertical format Art PrintCool jewel tones in this oneFractals are the most beautiful Math Art

The tones are way more cool here - and we have a small black Mandelbrot Set in the center of the image.

Fractal Art with golden green and purple tonesLast but not leastBeautiful warm jewel tones

Abstract Art with jewel tones for sale

So if you like the combination of spirals, floral elements and jewel tones: dive into this Gallery and check out your options. All pictures are available as Poster, Framed Print, Canvas Print, Metal Print, Acrylic Print and even as wood print!




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Fractal Art with trending Pantone Colors of the Year Greenery Rose Quartz Serenity At the end of every year Pantone announces the new Color of the Year. Some weeks later you will see this colors in Fashion, Home Decor and Interior Design products. As a digital artist who loves to design decorative Fractals I always love to incorporate those colors in some of my actual works.

The Pantone Color of the Year 2017 is Greenery. A wonderful choice, I love this color! This is how Pantone describes it: "A fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew".

As soon as I saw how fresh and bright this green comes out I had to create a Fractal Spiral:

Greenery Fractal SpiralBright green spring spiralFractal Art with the color of the year 2017 (Greenery)

There are some days in spring, maybe one or two weeks, when the leaves are colored exactly like this. I like this season very much. But what would the fresh spring green be without some bright blue sky and maybe some nice pink blossoms. Which brings us to the Pantone Color of the Year 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity:

Fractal Art Rose Quartz and SerenityRose Quartz and SerenityAbstract Fractal Spiral

So what happens when we combine the colors for 2017 and 2016? How about some Spring Galore Art:

Fractal Spring Art Greenery Rose Quartz and SerenityPantone Colors of the Year combined...Greenery, Rose Quartz and Serenity

Want to see another one? You bet! This is a classic black Mandelbrot Set surrounded by lovely green, pink and blue tones:

Mandelbrot Set Fractal Art black pink blue greenMandelbrot SetGreenery, Rose Quartz and Serenity are the perfect spring colors

This is just the beginning, watch out for more Fractal Art with this amazing colors!

Greenery Abstract Fractal Art for sale

Just click on one of the pictures above to check out your options, every artwork is available as poster and print (canvas, metal, acrylic, wood).

My Art Gallery with more than 500 Fractals for your Home Decor, click here and dive in.

Every purchase comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so don't hesitate to check out your options today!

Any questions left? I will be more than happy to answer them, click here for the Contact form.


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Fine Art America Discount Codes Why the Fine Art America Discount Code you found online is not working

How FAA works

Fine Art America (FAA) is one of the leading Print on Demand Sites in the world. They offer an exceptional printing quality and a very professional shipping. And they give a 30 days money back guarantee on every purchase.

High quality is not cheap so many people are searching for Discount Codes. But why is it very unlikely that they will work?

FAA is a manufacturer for many artists. They upload their work and FAA handles the printing, shipping and payment. Every Artist can decide to generate a discount code for her / his art - but this individual code is not valid for the works of other artists!

Fine Art America has no global discounts for the whole site just because not every artist will give you a discount.

How to ask for a discount

So what to do? Ask the artist. FAA provides a contact form on the profile page of every artist. Just drop them a message and ask nicely if they can generate a discount code for you. As every discount reduces the artist revenue please understand that the answer can be a clear "No".

But why not just try it, some artists give a percentage based discount of 10 or 20% if you ask nicely.

I hope I could help you in your search for Fine Art America discount codes, feel free to check out my art (Landscape and Nature Photography, fascinating Fractals and more, lots of Art for your Home Decor needs). Be sure to use the code HHYKXY at checkout for a whopping 20% discount (on my artist revenue, I can't control the FAA printing and shipping costs).

Click here and dive in:

Matthias Hauser Fine Art America Artist Website Discount codeMatthias Hauser Artist WebsiteDive into more than 2000 images and use discount code HHYKXY at checkout.



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Fractal Art Crochet Style Sunday afternoon Fractals

On sundays my mom always decorated our living room table with a small crochet tablecloth. It was white. We then had coffee and some of her wonderful cake.

Those days are long gone but when browsing through Fractal Land I discovered some fascinating patterns that reminded me of a crochet tablecloth. After playing with colors, light and many other parameters I made three different colored versions. One of them already sold as metal print. Here is my crochet style Fractal Art, if you want to purchase one of them just click on the image and discover your options:

Fractal art with crochet pattern purple black whitePurple, black and white Fractal crochet styleTablecloth pattern

Purple, black and white edition

Pink purple blue and green Fractal art crochet stylePurple and pink Fractal ArtCrochet tablecloth style

Pink / purple edition

Fractal Art crochet style turquoise and goldTurquoise and gold Fractal Art crochet styleLove the colors...

Turquoise / cyan / blue and gold edition

Art Prints for sale

Fractals are Math Art and a wonderful holiday or birthday gift for every Mathematics fan, teacher or student. These series of Fractals combines a lovely old-fashioned crochet style with modern elements and is a perfect eyecatcher for every room.

If you are interested in more Fractal Art click here to dive in: More than 400 Fractals for sale as posters and prints

All images are available as Poster or Fine Art Print (framed, canvas, metal or acrylic). To complete your Home Decor I also offer most of them as throw pillow, duvet cover and shower curtain. Must be great fun to take a shower inside a Fractal... :-)

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Iceland black and white photos and prints On Black and White Photography. And Iceland.

When I was a teenager I had a darkroom in the basement of our house. I had all the equipment I needed to make black and white prints - thanks to my dad who was into photography when he was young. Oh the smell of the chemicals...

It's a beautiful summer day in August, I'm sitting in my office, the window is open and it is pleasant warm outside. My favorite music is playing and I just finished editing some black and white images with stark contrast. I love contrasts. No more darkroom but lots of Lightroom and Photoshop these days...

Iceland is my favorite place in the whole world and I love to create black and white prints. Guess what? Let's combine these two passions!

Steaming hot springs in Iceland black and white Print with stark contrastSteaming IcelandGeothermal area Reykjadalur Steamy: Hot springs in the Reykjadalur area

Hikers in Iceland black and white PhotoHiking in IcelandGeothermal area Reykjadalur Reykjadalur (Hengill, Hveragerdi) is a great hiking area

Lake Kleifarvatn Iceland black and white image with stark contrastLake KleifarvatnWonderful clouds in the dark sky

Lake Kleifarvatn, Reykjanes

Abandoned house in Iceland black and whiteAbandoned houseAvailable as Fine Art Print Abandoned house and dramatic sky

Dritvik beach with cliffs and crashing waves in IcelandThe power of waterDritvik beach

Black sand and cliffs: Dritvik beach and the crashing waves of the ocean

Ingjaldsholl church Iceland Fine Art PrintIngjaldsholl churchPath leading to a church in the mountains

Ingjaldshol church, Snaefellsnes

Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss Iceland black and white panorama photoKirkjufell PanoramaWhat an amazing landscape! Looks fantastic both in color and black and white: Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall and Kirkjufell mountain, panorama format

Arnarstapi coast Iceland black and white Fine Art PhotographyHouse in the rocksCoast near Arnarstapi

Impressive cliff coast with solitary house

Ice and black beach Jokulsaron IcelandJökulsarlon Glacier lagoonIceberg pieces and black sand ot the beach

Iceberg pieces and black sand - amazing Jökulsarlon, one of my favorite places in Iceland

Plane wreck in Iceland black and white Fine Art PhotographyPlane wreckDouglas airplane in South Iceland Broken and abandoned Douglas plane wreck in Iceland

Seljalandsfoss waterfall Iceland black and whiteRocks, clouds and waterSeljalandsfoss waterfall

Beautiful Seljalandsfoss

Iceland Fine Art Prints for sale

I hope you enjoyed the photos in this blogpost. But wait, there is more. I prepared a whole Gallery with lots of black and white Iceland images for you, click here and get inspired: Iceland black and white photos

Questions? I'm more than happy to answer, them all, please use the contact form.

Comments? Wonderful, just scroll down and place your comment, thank you!

Island Fotos als Poster und Kunstdruck schwarzweiß

Der obige Link zur Island Fotogalerie funktioniert auch für Deutschland, die Prints werden von Fine Art America (FAA) in sehr hoher Qualität in Europa gefertigt und innerhalb kurzer Zeit verschickt.

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Summer fun with round beach towels


Summer is here!

Time for some fun activities: days at the beach or at the pool, a picnic, an outdoor music festival - you name it!

Fine Art America, the high quality POD (Print on Demand) service I use to sell my art, just announced some wonderful new products and I would love to show them to you. Stay tuned, this is really cool stuff!

Round beach towel Fractal Art with jewel colorsFractal with jewel colorsClick on the image to check out the product page and buy one! I love this stunning roundie towels so much, my fractal art comes out really great on those. They are 60'' in diameter and made from ultra-soft plush microfiber with a 100% cotton back for superior absorption.

Spaceimage Small Magellanic Cloud as roundie towelSmall Magellanic Cloud SMCRoundie towel from outer space

Or how about an image from outer space? This cool towels are a real eyecatcher, you can also use it for your home decor needs.

Green grass round beach towelSummer feeling...Fresh green grass on a meadow

Lying on the warm sand of a beach or having some pool fun is even better with this soft and bright green grass towel.

Round beach towel black fractal spiralDark Fractal SpiralAbstract art steampunk style A cool black fractal spiral in steampunk style - this is a really unique beach accessoire.

Ice in Iceland Round Beach TowelCool turquoise and blue iceIcebergs in the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon in Iceland

Cool down on a hot summer day with this blue iceberg pieces straight from Iceland (Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon).

Free shipping - this summer only!

This versatile summer essential is a must-have this season. The best part of this new product offering: you will get free worldwide shipping now through the end of summer 2016! 

But wait, there is more. You will get an additional discount code just for signing up for my bi-weekly newsletter full of art. From time to time I give away some free prints and I always announce this in my newsletter. Join many delighted subscribers and get your discount code and some free Printables (ready to print PDFs):

Round beach towel gallery

Click here to buy your round towel online

Round towels with FractalsRound beach towelsFractal Art for your summer fun

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tsu in Deutschland - Meine Erfahrungen mit dem Geld verdienen bei - Deutsche tsu FAQ Update: leider hat tsu Anfang August 2016 den Betrieb sehr plötzlich eingestellt. Offenbar ist die aktuelle Finanzierungsrunde geplatzt. Sehr schade, damit ist die wundervolle Idee, Menschen für ihren Content und ihr Engagement in einem sozialen Netzwerk zu entlohnen wohl vorerst gescheitert. Zurück zu Facebook also?

Meine Erfahrungen mit tsu

Vermutlich bist du hier weil du in der Suchmaschine deiner Wahl so etwas eingegeben hast wie zum Beispiel "Erfahrungen mit tsu", "tsu Erfahrungen", "tsu in Deutschland" oder sogar "Geld verdienen mit tsu". Wie auch immer, herzlich willkommen, ich werde mein bestes tun alle deine Fragen über das immer noch recht neue soziale Netwerk zu beantworten. 

Was bisher geschah

Ich bin jetzt seit etwas mehr als 16 Monaten bei angemeldet. In dieser Zeit habe ich insgesamt 3 Auszahlungen bekommen, zusammen sind das 302 Dollar.

Was habe ich dafür getan? Nun, ich logge mich an den meisten Tagen ein- bis zweimal ein und schaue, was meine Freunde so gepostet haben. Wenn mir ein Beitrag gefällt, teile ich ihn. An den meisten Tagen teile ich zwischen 10 und 15 Posts anderer (15 ist das Limit, mehr Shares sind momentan innerhalb von 24 Stunden nicht erlaubt). Meist schreibe ich noch einen kurzen Kommentar dazu: warum mir das Bild gefällt, welche Meinung ich zu einem bestimmten Thema habe oder dass ich gerne bei diesem oder jenem Wettbewerb mitmachen werde.

Natürlich poste ich auch selbst etwas, an den meisten Tagen ist das eines meine Fotos. Mehr als 2 Beiträge pro Tag veröffentliche ich eigentlich nie. Ich verkaufe meine Werke (z.B. bei Fine Art America) als Wandschmuck und das Engagement auf tsu ist für mich deutlich höher als auf allen anderen sozialen Netzwerken. Zu den meisten Fotos poste ich einen Link zu einer Webseite, auf der man das Bild käuflich erwerben kann.

Anhand dieses Fotos einer Rose, das ich vor einigen Tagen gepostet habe, kann ich einige der Dinge, die tsu für mich besonders machen, erklären. Beginnen wir mit dem Engagement, der Beitrag hat 125 likes und 23 Kommentare erhalten, er wurde 14 mal geteilt. In tsu Analytics kann ich sehen, dass der Post bisher 895 views hat, was leicht unter meinem momentanen Durchschnitt ist:

Auf Facebook bekomme ich zwischen 5 und 10 Prozent dieses Engagements. Erstaunlicherweise waren die Zahlen bei tsu fast von Anfang an besser.

Wie du sehen kannst, benutze ich verschiedene Hashtags. Der erste ist für einen Wettbewerb, bei dem ich mit diesem Bild mitmache. Es gibt eigentlich ständig irgendwelche Constests, bei manchen kann man auch etwas gewinnen. In diesem Fall bekam jeder, der ein Bild einer Rose in eine Gruppe gepostet hat, 5 Cent als Belohnung. Zusätzlich bekam eine wohltätige Organisation der Wahl (in meinem Fall war das Hope for Homeless) weitere 5 Cent. Es gibt mittlerweile viele zertifizierte Organisationen auf tsu, viele User spenden so einen Teil ihrer Einnahmen um bestimmte Anliegen zu unterstützen.

In einem der Kommentare lädt mich ein User ein, dieses Bild auch in seinen Contest einzustellen. Die allermeisten Leute sind wirklich nett und es ist nicht schwierig, ständig neue Kontakte zu knüpfen.

Im Prinzip promote ich also meine Bilder und unterhalte mich mit meinen Freunden. Ja, einige der User sind mittlerweile Freunde geworden.

@hauserfoto ist mein Name auf tsu und diesen Print habe ich Renee geschenkt, sie hat sich für eine Landschaftsaufnahme aus Island entschieden.

Ich habe mich im Oktober 2014 als einer der ersten User bei tsu angemeldet, weil ich die Möglichkeit, mit meinem Content in einem sozialen Netzwerk Geld zu verdienen, extrem spannend fand. Geblieben bin ich aber nicht deshalb - zumindest nicht ausschließlich. Noch wichtiger als die paar Cent, die es anfangs pro Tag gab (inzwischen bin ich bei ca. einem Dollar pro Tag) sind aber die Kontakte geworden. Die Leute auf tsu sind.... anders. Engagierter. Es gibt relativ wenig Drama. Man unterstützt sich gegenseitig, auch außerhalb des sozialen Netzwerks. Mir gefällt das richtig gut. Aber lass uns für einen Moment zum monetären Aspekt zurück kommen:

Woher kommt das Geld, das tsu ausbezahlt?

Genau wie Facebook bekommst du auch bei tsu Werbung angezeigt. Für diese Werbung kassiert tsu natürlich Geld - und 90% der Erlöse werden an die Mitglieder ausgeschüttet.

Was kann ich mit tsu verdienen?

Präzise Antwort: Es kommt darauf an... :-) Von einem Cent (oder gar nichts) bis zu mehreren Dollar pro Tag ist alles möglich. Einer der Top Influencer hat mittlerweile 33 Schecks von tsu bekommen, zusammen knapp 14000 Dollar. Aber bitte bitte glaube jetzt nicht, das sei typisch - oder es sei einfach, so viel Geld mit einem sozialen Netzwerk zu verdienen. Du wirst mit tsu ganz bestimmt nicht schnell reich werden, sorry...

Obwohl: wenn du ein Star bist, könntest du auf tsu echt gut verdienen... Einer der Investoren ist übrigens Curtis Jackson, besser bekannt als 50 Cent. Was der so jeden Tag in seiner tsu Bank vorfindet würde mich schon interessieren.

Wie genau verdiene ich nun Geld mit tsu?

Im wesentlichen belohnt der tsu Algorithmus (der natürlich nicht offengelegt wird) dein Engagement, also deine Interaktion mit anderen. Ein wichtiger Punkt ist dabei die Anzahl deiner Views (also wie oft wurde ein Beitrag von anderen gesehen). Da sich auch die Preise für die Anzeigen der Werbetreibenden nach der Zahl der Views richten ist das letztendlich eine logische Konsequenz.

Vereinfacht gesagt: je mehr deine Inhalte gesehen werden, desto mehr kannst du bei tsu verdienen. Wie bekommst du nun möglichst viele Zugriffe?

Schöne und / oder interessante Fotos sind gut. Du warst die letzten Jahre doch bestimmt mal im Urlaub. Oder fotografierst die schönsten Blümchen in deinem Garten. Oder vielleicht machst du ab und zu ein Selfie. Poste das auf tsu und schreibe ein oder zwei kurze Sätze dazu. Bitte achte aber unbedingt darauf, dass es deine eigenen Bilder sind! Fotos, die du irgendwo im Internet "gefunden" hast sind auf tsu nicht erlaubt und du wirst dafür auch keine Auszahlung bekommen. Das hat schlicht und einfach rechtliche Gründe. Jeder Urheber eines Fotos hat daran die Rechte (Urheberrecht) und muss jede Verwendung genehmigen. Und nein, wenn jemand ein Bild ins Internet stellt genehmigt er damit erstmal gar nichts...

Kommuniziere mit anderen. Teile ihre Beiträge, wenn sie dir gefallen. Schreibe einen Kommentar, was du an dem Bild gut findest. So wirst du mehr und mehr Follower und Freunde bekommen.

Nutze die Gruppen. Seit einiger Zeit gibt es Channels zu vielen Themen, such dir mehrere für dich geeignete aus und poste deine Beiträge dort. Das erhöht die Zahl der Views.

Die zweite Komponente, die deine Einnahmen beeinflusst, ist die Anzahl deiner Kinder. Nein, nicht die deiner leiblichen Kinder sondern die der aktiven tsu Children. Jede Person, die sich über deinen Link bei tsu anmeldet wird eines deiner Kinder. Bekommt dieser User selbst ein Kind hast du schon deinen ersten Enkel. Das interessante daran: du wirst prozentual an den Einkünften deiner Kids beteiligt.

Ist tsu also ein unseriöses Pyramidenspiel?

Nein. Und zwar schon deshalb nicht, weil du niemandem irgend etwas bezahlen musst. Die Teilnahme an tsu ist komplett kostenlos - und je mehr du dort machst, desto mehr Geld wird in deiner tsu Bank landen.

Warum machen die das dann? Nun, es ist wie im richtigen Leben: man kümmert sich als Mutter und Vater eben um seine Kinder. Schaut nach Ihnen, motiviert sie, gibt Ihnen nützliche Tipps. Und teilt deren Beiträge, damit sie möglichst schnell etwas bekannter werden. Ich habe momentan etwas über 6000 Follower und Freunde, da hilft das schon. Aber wie du dir denken kannst sind nicht alle Eltern gleich, deshalb:

Ratschlag: Wähle deine Eltern weise

Stell dir vor, du könntest dir deine Eltern aussuchen. Wen würdest du eher nehmen? Jemand, der sich überhaupt nicht um dich kümmert und nur einen Anteil am Kindergeld einstreicht? Oder jemanden, der sich um dich kümmert und dir gute Ratschläge gibt, wie du dein Taschengeld aufbessern kannst? Ja, zugegeben, ist kein besonders guter Vergleich aber was ich damit deutlich machen wollte: Dein tsu Elternteil ist auch dein Mentor. Sie / Er kann entscheidend dazu beitragen, dass du schneller Fuß fassen kannst.

Wenn du dich mit meinem Link bei tsu anmeldest hast du auf jeden Fall Unterstützung von jemand, der von Anfang an dabei ist und weiß, wie dieses hochinteressante soziale Netzwerk tickt. Probiere es doch einfach mal aus...

Nachteile von tsu

Wie jetzt, nicht alles eitel Sonnenschein? Nein, denn wie heißt der abgedroschene Spruch: wo viel Licht ist gibt es eben auch Schattenseiten - zum Glück zunehmend weniger. Einer der Vorteile von tsu ist gleichzeitig auch ein Nachteil: man kann damit Geld verdienen. Da gibt es dann anfangs immer ganz besonders clevere Leute, die versuchen, das System auszutricksen. Mit geklautem Content (man "findet" bei Google ja soooo viele schöne Bilder), mit Bots (die meisten dürften inzwischen nicht mehr funktionieren und es wurden in der Anfangsphase auch viele Accounts gesperrt) und mit anderen Tricks. Glücklicherweise sind die tsu Betreiber und Admins da sehr clever und greifen auch hart durch.

Ein weiterer Nachteil ist das relativ hohe Payout-Limit von hundert Dollar. Du bekommst deine erste Auszahlung also erst, wenn du mindestens 100$ verdient hast. tsu rechtfertigt das damit, dass jede Auszahlung vorher (automatisiert aber auch manuell) geprüft wird. Die Werbekunden bezahlen gutes Geld, daher wird dein Profil vor dem Payout geprüft: postest du eigenen Content oder hast du deine Bilder irgendwo geklaut? Das war es dann aber auch schon. Beim ersten Mal hat der Check bei mir noch fast eine Woche gedauert, inzwischen sind es nur noch zwei oder drei Stunden. Trotzdem hoffe ich, dass das Limit irgendwann abgesenkt wird, so werden Einsteiger sicherlich mehr motiviert.

Vorteil: außerhalb der USA wird per PayPal bezahlt, du musst dich also nicht mit amerikanischen Schecks rumärgern.

Leider kommst du mit Deutsch alleine nicht weit, du solltest etwas Englisch können. tsu ist in Deutschland noch weitgehend unbekannt und wenn du auf Englisch kommunizieren kannst hat das ganz klar Vorteile. Die geringe Verbreitung ist aber auch eine Chance. Du kannst dir einen guten Startplatz sichern - und je mehr deiner Facebook Freunde du zu tsu einlädst desto besser wirst du verdienen - vorausgesetzt du bist eine gute Mutti / ein guter Daddy und kannst die Brut motivieren, nicht gleich aufzugeben - und viele geben leider zu früh auf.

Am Anfang kann es aber auch verdammt zäh sein bis sich etwas tut - wenn also Geld deine einzige Motivation ist solltest du besser die Finger von tsu lassen. Falls du aber eine faire Alternative zu Facebook suchst bei der du Spaß haben kannst und dafür noch ein kleines (oder größeres) Taschengeld bekommst solltest du diesem sozialen Netzwerk eine Chance geben.

Noch Fragen?

So, das war mein Fazit nach eineinhalb Jahren tsu. Sehen wir uns dort? Falls du noch Fragen hast einfach über das Kontaktformular stellen.

Bei tsu anmelden - tsu invitation

Matthias Hauser (@hauserfoto) auf tsu - Die Anmeldung (Sign Up) ist oben rechts auf der tsu Seite. Wir sehen uns!

]]> (Matthias Hauser Fotografie) social network tsu tsu invitation tsu invite Mon, 06 Jun 2016 11:50:44 GMT
Puffins - cute birds in Iceland


What is cuter than a puffin? Two puffins! O.K. this is a lame joke but it's true: those birds are just wonderful!

As you already may know I'm a big Iceland fan. I visited this fascinating island two times with my wife (2014 and 2015) and loved everything about it: the breathtaking nature, the people - and of course the puffins!

Puffin on a hill with blue water in IcelandKing of the hillPuffin looking at the blue water of the ocean

Puffins breed in large colonies, the female puffin lays one single egg in April / May, during the hatching time (about 40 days) the parents work together, they both incubate the egg.

Puffin couple in IcelandChecking the nestPuffin couple in Iceland Everything o.k. with our breeding place darling?

Usually a tunnel leads to the nest. The breeding place is used again in the following years, Puffins have a  long-term relationship.

PuffinSummertime...Don't you just love the beak of this cute birds? After fledging, the pufflings (isn't this a cute name for the chicks?) spend the first few years of their lives at sea, returning to breed about five years later.

So, do you love Puffins as much as I do? Then I have someting for you: Get a Free Printable PDF (Letter, 8x10 or A4) from the photo above just for subscribing to my bi-weekly newsletter full of beautiful Art and great Giveaways:

There are several places where you can spot these cute birds but the Puffin's paradise is Latrabjarg, one of the world's largest bird cliffs. located in the West of Iceland. You can walk many miles along the cliffs, this is a little part of them:

Latrabjarg cliffs in West IcelandLatrabjarg cliff coastLots of birds are breeding here

Take care! If you are one of the eager bird photographers: please do yourself a favor and take care. Don't go to close to the edge, it can crumble at any time - and the way down is looooong...

Let's enjoy some more shots of this lovely animals, shall we? O.K. here we go:

Puffin couple in loveThis must be loveHere's looking at you kid

Puffin on a rock in Latrabjarg IcelandEnjoying the sunPuffin taking a rest

Puffin on a rock in Latrabjarg West IcelandA place to beLatrabjarg is a great place to breed

Puffin Prints and Posters for sale

Puffins are funny and beautiful birds, a high quality Print is a great eyecatcher and conversation starter for every room. All photos in this post (and some more) are available as Fine Art Prints (Canvas, Metal, Acrylic), take a look at my Puffin Photo Gallery!

If you want to license one of the images for web use or for a print product (Magazine, Calendar etc) just contact me.



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The number one tip when visiting Venice


Venice is a unique and wonderful city for sure. There are lots of famous sights such as Piazza San Marco, Canal Grande, Rialto Bridge and much more. So what is this number one tip? I will tell you, stay tuned. But first lets take a look at some photos shall we?

When searching for a room in Venice we (my wife and I) wanted to stay in a beautiful but not too crowded (with tourists just like us...) area. We both prefer apartments with some space so we can do our things after strolling through the city. My thing is viewing and editing photos, making a backup and other photographer tasks. Wifey loves to plan the next day. So we went to Airbnb and found a very nice flat in the Cannaregio sestiere. Look at this surroundings:

Cannaregio sestiere Venice ItalyBeautiful VeniceColorful houses and a boat

Ponte delle Guglie Venice ItalyGuglie BridgeBeautiful Ponte delle Guglie

Wonderful, isn't it? Colorful, lively and not too crowded. We loved this place. Let's move on and discover wonderful Venice:

Campo di Ghetto Nuovo in Cannaregio Venice ItalyCampo di Ghetto NuovoWonderful place in the former Jewish Ghetto

This is Campo di Ghetto Nuovo in the former Venetian Ghetto

Gondolas in Venice ItalyAmazing GondolasCanal Rio di san Falice

Gorgeous Gondolas, Canal Rio di san Falice

Gondola and waiting Gondoliere in VeniceHow about a Gondola tour?Gondoliere waiting for customers

Waiting for customers

Campo San Giacomo di Rialto in VeniceWhat a wonderful watch...Beautiful old Venice

Campo San Giacomo di Rialto

Colorful houses at Canal Grande in VeniceBeautiful Venetian HousesCanal Grande

Building at the water of Canale Grande (Grand Canal)

Blue artwork made of Murano glass in Murano VeniceBlue glass and sky...Murano, Venice

Murano, the Venetian Island where the famous glass is made. And yes, this beautiful blue artwork is made of Murano Glass.

Tower and vineyard in Burano VeniceTower in VeniceLovely island Burano

Another famous Island in Venice is Burano, well known for the colorful houses.

Colorful houses in Burano Venice ItalyWonderful colored housesBurano, Venice

Colorful houses at the canal in Burano Venice ItalyColorful houses an the CanalBurano

As a photographer I absolutely loved this place, the colors are amazing!

Hey Matthias, this is really nice but what about this number one tip when visiting Venice?

Haha, yes, I promised you something in the beginning of this blogpost and here it is. It's so easy. And highly recommended:

Get lost.

Yes, just get lost. Enter one of the narrow alleys and just move on. Don't look where you are. Walk. And be filled with wonder. 5 minutes later you will have no idea where your are. But it will be wonderful where you are:

Venice ItalyQuiet and beautiful placeNumber one tip: get lost in Venice :-)

This is the lovely Rio di Santa Caterina Canal

O.K. you got lost now. For hours. So how to find back? Try studying the map (if you are really good with this, Venice is complicated to navigate). See if the GPS of your smartphone is working in the narrow streets. Just walk on and pay attention to the signs. There are many of them that show the way to the main attractions.

Don't get lost but stay in contact, subscribe to my bi-weekly newsletter and get great Freebies. I even give away Free Prints from time to time!

Campanile and Doges Palace Venice ItalyVenice on a sunny day in springView towards Piazza San Marco from the water, Campanile and Doges Palace

Speaking of tourist attractions, there are some in the photo above... :-)

Piazza San Marco in Venice with Basilica and CampanileBreathtaking...World famous St Mark's Square

World famous Piazza San Marco (St Mark's Square) with Basilica and Campanile

Pink dressed girl and doves at Piazza San Marco VeniceFeeding the doves...Little girl in pink

Little pink dove whisperer talking to the pigeons at Piazza San Marco

Kids playing with bubbles at Campo San Giacomo di Rialto in VeniceHappy KidsCampo San Giacomo di Rialto

I hope you enjoyed our trip through Venice, let's end with this happy picture of the kids playing with bubbles at Campo San Giacomo di Rialto.

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Win a free Fine Art Print!

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Iceland captured with the iPhone Part 1 In the last five Blogposts I had the pleasure to show you photos from different parts of Iceland: Reykjanes, Snaefellsnes, Westfjords, North Iceland and the amazing Jökulsarlon Glacier lagoon

All of the images you saw were taken with my beloved Nikon D800, a really great DSLR camera. As a backup - and for times when the Nikon is too big or too loud - I have a little compact camera from Sony (a RX100) with me. 

And then there is the iPhone. When traveling it is a great companion for Mails, WhatsApp, travel related apps - and even to make a phone call... ;-) I tried other phones (mainly Android), they are great but none of them did run my favorite Photo App: Hipstamatic (nowadays I mainly use Oggl, a App from the same company). Besides the photo apps there is a main reason for every photographer to have an iPhone: the panorama mode. The build in camera app is doing a great job in doing panorama images.

So without furter ado - as an intermezzo in my little Iceland photo series I love to present you a blogpost with photos from my iPhone (it's a 6 Plus):

Heart shaped cloud and the wing of an airplaneHeart shaped cloudThere is always something new to discover above those clouds... :-)

Artificial deer antlersInterior with deer antlersOur first vacation home

Sign Fine Beer always serves hereFine BeerAlways served here. Sign on a tree.

Geothermal area in IcelandBrown, orange and steamy...Geothermal area in Iceland

Lake Graenavatn in IcelandGreen and blue IcelandBeautiful lake Graenavatn

Simple and creative toilet paper spender in IcelandToilet paper spenderSimple solution :-)

Icelandic meat soup closeupIcelandic Meat soupVery tasty, be sure to try at least one when visiting Iceland!

Coffee and donutsMake a breakCoffee and Donuts

Yellow Bonus shopping cards in IcelandBonus...Iceland is expensive, the Bonus supermarkets are an affordable way for your shopping needs.

Black and white image of a nesting box with wetplate effectNesting boxFor the lovely Icelandic Birds :-)

Snaefellsnes coast West IcelandCoast and oceanAmazing coastline, Snaefellsnes, West Iceland

Dritvik coast Iceland ocean and rocks and black beachPower of waterWaves crashing agains the cliffs and the black beach of Dritvik, Iceland.

Rests of a shipwreck on a beach Dritvik IcelandRests of a shipwreck on the pebbled beachDritvik / Djupalonssandur, Snaefellsnes coast, Iceland

This was part one of the Iceland iPhone photo gallery, stay tuned for part two where I will show you some amazing panoramas :-)

Some of my phone pics are for sale at Mobile Prints (former Instaprints), check them out here: Iceland Mobile Prints Photo Gallery

]]> (Matthias Hauser Fotografie) Fine Art Prints Mobile Prints europe fotos iPhone iceland landscape nature photos posters prints Wed, 30 Mar 2016 10:03:46 GMT
Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon Iceland Fine Art Prints Iceland is full of amazing landscapes and nature but I have to say the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon was one of the absolute highlights of my photo tour. When we arrived at this magical place the weather was not very good. No rain but a gray, cloudy sky.

Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon Iceland Panorama PhotoIcebergs in the glacier lagoonPanorama photo If you look close you can see small blue parts in the clouds - I bet this icebergs would look even better with the help of some sunlight. But we had to wait.

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland with boatBetween the icebergsPeople doing a boat trip in the Jökulsárlón lagoon As a photographer it never gets boring. We took a walk along the lagoon and watched the people in the boats having fun on their tours.

Barnacle geese and icebergs in Jökulsárlón lagoon IcelandAmazing natureBarnacle geese in the cold water These geese were really funny. They rested on the beach of the lagoon and went into the water when I was arriving. They watched what I was doing and immediately went back to their place on the beach when I walked away a few steps. We played this game several times :-)

Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon in Iceland on a beautiful summer dayBlue and white icy paradiseGreat summer weather, both sky and water are blue now.

Now is this a wonderful day or not? The weather can change very fast in Iceland and so we had an hour filled with wonderful sunshine and blue sky.

If you visit this beautiful place please be sure to walk the short distance from the lagoon ot the ocean and the black beach. Because this is where the magic starts:

Blue ice and black beach Jökulsárlón IcelandBlack beach and cool blue iceAmazing seascape in Iceland Icebergs and smaller pieces of cool blue or white ice lying on a black beach, the waves of the ocean crashing on the shore: every photographers paradise.

"I will be back in the car in about 20 minutes" I told my wife before rushing to the beach. When I came back some hours later (sorry honey) she was sleeping deeply. I even asked if I am allowed to play here again tomorrow - together with all the other photograpers. She smiled and said yes.

See yourself how amazing this place looks:

Icebergs on the black beach Jokulsarlon Iceland EuropeThe power of waterWaves crashing against the icebergs on the black beach Fascinating pieces of ice lying on the black beach Icy IcelandAmazing shapes and colors

Ice on black beach Jokulsarlon Iceland EuropeLooking good in black and whiteWhite and gray ice on a black beach Beach, ice and ocean - Jökulsárlón IcelandIce everywhereOn the beach and in the water of the ocean Ice in Iceland - fascinating JokulsarlonNice patterns and colorsWater and ice playing together on the black beach

Iceberg with cool blue Ice in South Iceland JökulsárlónBlue IceIceberg lying on the beach

I hope you enjoyed the photos from icy Iceland. All of this pictures and many more are available as wall art.

Iceland Fine Art Prints for sale

Get a poster or print (framed, canvas, metal, acrylic) with 30 days money back guarantee. Take a look at my Iceland Fine Art Gallery.

So I devoted a whole blogpost just for the Jökulsárlón lagoon because I love this scenery so much. What do you think? Too much ice? Or do you like it? Drop me a comment below!

]]> (Matthias Hauser Fotografie) Fine Art Iceland Jokulsarlon Jökulsárlón South Iceland glacier lagoon ice icebergs lagoon landscape nature photos posters prints seascape Tue, 15 Mar 2016 15:23:53 GMT
North Iceland Fine Art Prints

Akureyri is a small town (less then 20.000 people are living here) but Iceland is sparsely populated so it's the second largest urban area on this fascinating Island.

Akureyri North IcelandAkureyriBeautiful green and blue tones

Colorful houses, green hills, blue water of the ocean and snow-covered mountains: beautiful Akureyri in summer.

Did you know that there is a place where it's Christmas the whole year long? It's called Jólagarðurinn (Christmas Garden), only 10 Minutes driving distance from Akureyri. They have a warm and cozy shop with Christmas songs and a burning fireplace. And they have a place for the Huldufólk, the hidden people. This cute red houses are for the elves that live in Iceland. Only for three families but there are more elf houses in the country. And the have a little mailbox in case somebody writes them a letter.

Three small red elf houses in IcelandThree small red elf housesLovely buildings for the hidden people

This is the shop where you can get all sorts of Christmas decoration:

Jolagardurinn Christmas garden in IcelandChristmas all year longJolagardurinn Christmas Shop

But enough of towns and Christmas in summer - let's explore some nature, shall we?

Godafoss waterfall in Iceland Panorama FormatGodafossPanorama photo

The impressive waterfall above is Goðafoss (Waterfall of the gods). I stitched together several high resolution photos captured with my Nikon D800 for this panorama. The detail quality is amazing, even for very large prints.

Geitafoss waterfall IcelandGeitafossPowerful little waterfall near the mighty Godafoss Walk some minutes downstream from Godafoss and you will find this little waterfall full of power: Geitafoss. The water and rocks together with the sun in a blue sky makes a beautiful summer image.

Do you love to take a long walk? There are some great places to do that in Iceland, one of them is the Jökulsárgljúfur National Park, this panorama photo shows the amazing Asbyrgi canyon, a dream landscape in green, gray and brown:

Beautiful green Asbyrgi in North IcelandGreen paradiseAsbyrgi, Jökulsárgljúfur nationalpark

Yes, Iceland in summer can be very green. And orange, yellow, brown and gray:

Mudpot geothermal area Hverir in North IcelandHot and steamy - geothermal power at workBubbling mud pot

Bubbling mud pot in the amazing geothermal area Hverir. Smells like rotten eggs but as a photographer I love to spend hours here, capturing the mudpots, fumaroles, the soil full of sulphur, the whole wonderful colored landscape. I just love this place!

Geothermal area Hverir in IcelandGeothermal Area HverirLandscape with amazing brown, orange and yellow tones, the ground is full of sulphur

Geothermal area Hverir IcelandGeothermal area Hverir / NamaskardView from above

Can't get enough of the geothermal landscapes? Click here: More photos from North Iceland.

Grundarkirkja church in IcelandGrundarkirkjaBeautiful church and landscape

Grundarkirkja: this lovely building is the largest Icelandic church that was built and financed by an individual Icelandic person (Magnus Sigurdsson). 

Let's finish our tour through North Iceland with another panorama photo. Sky, clouds and mountains:

Mountains and sky with clouds - Iceland panoramaIceland PanoramaClouds, sky and mountain

Iceland Fine Art Prints for sale

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Iceland West Fjords Fine Art Prints

Hi there, great to have you back! After traveling to Reykjanes and Sneaefellsnes we're moving forward to the Westfjords now. Unnoticed from tourism for many years this amazing part of Iceland gets more and more visitors. No surprise, this peninsula has a wonderful coastline with lots of fjords surrounded by hills and mountains. One of the many highlights this land of fire and ice has to offer. But be warned: better bring some time with you, don't hurry, you will drive mainly on gravel roads. Which is o.k. because you will have to stop the car many times to take tons of pictures:

Westfjords IcelandFjord in IcelandBlue, green and brown landscape

Best weather and a wonderful panorama, one of the many fjords.

Car on a road in Iceland - snow in JuneIt's warm inside the car...... and really cold outside. Iceland in June 2015.

The West Fjords are mountainous, be prepared to see some snow in June.

Arnarfjordur West Fjords IcelandWater all overAmazing landscape

A waterfall (Dynjandi) pouring in a river that leads into a fjord (Arnafjordur) surrounded by hills - can't get much better. 

Dynjandi waterfall in Iceland black and whiteLooks good in black and whiteMajestic Dynjandi waterfall with stark contrast

This is the impressive Dynjandi waterfall, looks great in black and white.

Car on a mountain pass in the Westfjords in IcelandDriving Gravel RoadsMountain pass in the Westfjords Traveling on a gravel road over a snow-covered mountain pass in June: welcome to Iceland!

Old rusty construction vehicle with sheep in the westfjords in IcelandSheep...... in Iceland

Looking for some shadow: cute sheep taking a break.

Hrafnseyri kirkja church in IcelandLovely idyllPicturesque church in a dream landscape, fantastic green, blue, red and white tones

Hrafnseyri Kirkja, lovely white and red church surrounded by green grass and snow-covered mountains.

Beach and ocean in the west fjords in Iceland EuropeGolden sand and turquoise waterSunny coast in the westfjords

No, this is not the beach of a Caribbean Island - it's Iceland. Really. Trust me. You will see such beautiful golden beaches when traveling through the Westfjords.

Two Puffins captured in IcelandDo you really think the grass is greener on the other side?Cute puffin couple in Iceland

Puffins. The cutest birds on the whole earth. At least I think so :-) 

Ship wreck Gardar BA 64 Patreksfjordur West Fjords IcelandShip wreck Gardar BA 64Red, white, blue and green - wonderful fresh and clear colors

"There is a ship" she said as we are driving along the coast. "And it is on the shore". Of course we had to stop. Again. And take some pictures. Again. This is Gardar BA 64, a ship wreck that got a fresh painting not too long ago. 

Blue sky and water and snow-covered mountains in IcelandDream in white and blueWater and mountains

With this dream in blue and white we are leaving the Westfjords. But don't be sad, in two weeks I will show you the beauty of North Iceland. Stay tuned.

Westfjords Fine Art Prints

Many of the pictures in this article are avaiable as posters, framed art prints, canvas, metal or acrylic prints here: visit the Iceland West Fjords photo gallery or take a look at all of my Iceland Fine Art Photography.

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Did you like the photos in this blogpost? Stay informed about new travels, get beautiful photos (and some great gifts such as free printables) in my bi-weekly newsletter:

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Iceland Snaefellsnes Fine Art Prints

Snaefellsnes is a peninsula located in West Iceland and is called Iceland in miniature - and this is so true! You can find lots of landscape and nature highlights in a relatively short amount of time. On our 2015 trip to the land of fire and ice Snaefellsnes was our second station. We had a very nice vacation house in Arnarstapi - stay tuned, I will show you photos from the amazing coast between this lovely little village and Hellnar. I'm a photographer and all the images in this post - and many more - are available as Fine Art Prints.

Budir black church and Icelandic horses Snaefellsnes IcelandIcelandic horses and Budir black churchThe fascinating Budir black church is one of the landmarks in Iceland

Icelandic horses in front of Budir church

Abandoned building Snaefellsnes IcelandRuin of an abandoned houseSnaefellsnes, West Iceland Snaefellsnes is sparsely populated, from time to time you can see abandoned, derelict buildings in the middle of the landscape. My inner artist loved the mood of this lonely house.

Snaefellsnes cliff coast and ocean Iceland EuropeCliff coastCoast and water of the ocean in Iceland Amazing seascape: Cliff coast and ocean

Dritvik beach Snaefellsnes IcelandDebris on the beachDritvik beach with shipwreck pieces Pieces of a shipwreck on the pebbled Dritvik beach

Iceland seascape Dritvik beach black rocks and powerful waterBlack cliffs and rocks and the water of the oceanDritvik black pebbled beach, Iceland Black and white Fine Art Photography: Waves and cliffs. Stormy Dritvik coast, watch the impressive power of water, fascinating seascape.

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Saxholl Crater Snaefellsnes IcelandOn top of the Saxholl CraterBeautiful earth tones On top of the Saxholl crater, fascinating color palette of warm earth tones.

Ingjaldsholl Church Iceland black and whiteIngjaldsholl Church black and whiteRoad leading to a church in the mountains, Snaefellsnes, Iceland

Available as black and white Fine Art Print: Ingjaldsholl church with road and mountains.

Summer landscape green and blue Snaefellsnes IcelandGreen and blue paradiseRiver and mountain in Iceland

Green and blue summer paradise in Iceland

Kirkjufell Snaefellsnes Iceland PanoramaKirkjufell (mountain) and Kirkjufellfoss (waterfall)Breathtaking landscape This breathtaking landscape (Kirkjufellfoss waterfall and Kirkjufell mountain) was just too beautiful for one single photo, so I made a high quality panorama shot, very high resolution for really big prints... :-)

Stykkisholmur harbor with colorful boats in IcelandColorful harborBoats in Stykkisholmur

Lovely little harbor with colorful boats in Stykkisholmur

Arnarstapi coast Snaefellsnes black and whiteLonely house in ArnarstapiAmazing Snaefellsnes coast black and white Calm amd peaceful scenery: solitary house at Arnarstapi coast, Snaefellsnes, Iceland. Wonderful cliffs and rocks and the tranquil water of the ocean - black and white landscape photo with stark contrast and amazing details.

Bizarre cliffs and rocks Arnarstapi Snaefellsnes coast IcelandFantastic seascapeView from the path from Arnarstapi to Hellnar If you visit Snaefellsness you have to do the walk from Arnarstapi to Hellnar - the coast is just amazing!

Buy an Iceland Fine Art Print

All the photos in this article - and many more - are for sale. Buy them online (with a 30 days money back guarantee) here: Gallery with more then 200 Iceland photos. Available as poster, framed print, canvas print, metal- or acrylic print. Worldwide delivery.




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Iceland Reykjanes Fine Art Prints

Iceland - the island of my dreams. After visiting the land of fire and ice the first time in summer 2014 I was able to talk my wife into a second trip in June 2015 - and it was fantastic.

Three weeks in Iceland as a photographer means one thing: lots of images. So I decided to post multiple articles in my blog, each of them with photos from a specific region.

We will start our journey with Reykjanes (or Reykjanesskagi to differentiate it from the other Reykjanes in Iceland), a peninsula in southwest Iceland near the capital Reykjavik. This region is often overlooked because most tourists tend to head straight to the golden circle with the geysirs and waterfalls.

So follow me on a journey through a very diverse part of beautiful Iceland!

Lake Kleifarvatn Reykjanes Iceland Fine Art PrintStunning colorsLandscape around Lake Kleifarvatn Kleifarvatn is the largest lake on the Reykjanes peninsula. Look at the stunning orange, red and brown colors of the ground!

Geothermal area Krysuvik Reykjanes IcelandGeothermal area Krysuvik / SeltunFascinating and raw landscape with beautiful colors

This is the geothermal area Krysuvik (Seltun). I love this areas full of hot springs, fumaroles and mud pots. Due to the sulphur the soil has interesting yellow, orange and brown tones.

Krysuvik Seltun geothermal area IcelandThe land of fire and iceGeothermal area Seltun in Iceland

Steaming hot springs in geothermal area Krysuvik IcelandSteaming hot springsGeothermal area Krysuvik in Iceland

There are more geothermal areas in Iceland and I always spend hours when visiting one. The steaming hot springs, the bubbling mud holes, the colors - pure power of a still unfinished landscape. But we have to leave this magical place now, the road leads us to more natural highlights:

Road and landscape in Reykjanes Iceland EuropeBeautiful ReykjanesSouthwest Iceland

Lake Graenavatn Reykjanes IcelandLake GraenavatnBeautiful green and turquoise water Ever heard of maars? A maar is a volcanic crater - and this one if filled with green / turquise water. The name of this amazing lake is Graenavatn.

Red elf houses Reykjanes IcelandHomes for the hidden peopleLittle red Elf houses in Iceland

Iceland and the Huldufólk (the hidden people): little red houses for Elves. I have not seen them but the Icelandic Elf School (yes, there is one!) believes that there are 13 different kinds elves in Iceland. So maybe I will see some on our (hopefully) next visit.

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Gunnuvher geothermal area Reykjanes IcelandGunnuhverImpressive hot spring in Iceland  Gunnuhver, another geothermal area, this furious hot spring is home (or shall I say prison) of Gunna, a ghost who was tricked to fall into a hot spring. Man, those Icelandic people are clever!

Iceland Reykjanes coast landscape panorama formatPanorama format ImageAvailable as high quality Fine Art Print

Impressive panorama of the Reykjanes coast. 

Reykjanes Cliff Coast in southwest IcelandRocky coastReykjanes Iceland Amazing rocks, beautiful cliff coast.

Reykjanesviti lighthouse Reykjanes IcelandLighthouse in IcelandReykjanesviti Lighthouse Reykjanesviti

Bridge between two continents in Reykjanes IcelandBridge between two continentsReykjanes Iceland

The bridge between two continents (Europe and North America). The Reykjanes peninsula is located on one of the world's major plate boundaries, the Mid Atlantic Ridge. The small footbridge over a major fissure was build as symbol for the connection between the two continents.

Hvalsneskirkja church near Sangerdi in Reykjanes IcelandLovely little churchHvalsneskirkja Hvalsneskirkja church near Sangerdi Hafnafjordur harbor Reykjanes IcelandHafnafjordurIdyllic harbor and town

Colorful and idyllic Hafnarfjörður harbor. Hafnafjordur is the third largest city in Iceland - with a population of under 30.000

Ship detail, red and white painting with rustGK 123Ship in Hafnafjordur harbor, detail

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Winterwandern im Pitztal Österreich Austria

English Summary: I love winter. And I need snow in winter. As much snow as possible. So I have to escape from Germany from time to time to enjoy the real winter in Switzerland or Austria. After visiting Kleinwalsertal Valley multiple times I went to Pitztal Valley (both located in Austria). And I brought some pictures with me... So enjoy the winter wonderland photos from lovely Pitztal. All images are available as poster or print (framed, canvas, metal, acrylic) here:

Früher war ja alles besser - oder?

Der Winter in unseren (deutschen) Breitengraden ist ja auch nicht mehr das, was er mal war. Wer schon ein paar Jährchen mehr auf dem Buckel hat, kann sich noch gut an ausgedehnte Schneeballschlachten und riesige Schneemänner erinnern. Der Schnee, den man für diese Winterfreuden benötigt, ist zur Zeit leider Mangelware. Mein Gemüt und ich brauchen aber Winter mit Schnee. Möglichst viel davon. Zum Glück für uns grenzt Baden-Württemberg an zwei Länder, an denen es meist - inzwischen leider auch abhängig von der Höhenlage - deutlich mehr von dem geliebten weißen Zeug hat: die Schweiz und Österreich.

Pitztal Österreich im Winter - Blick auf Berge und TalPitztal, ÖsterreichBlick auf das Tal

Blick auf das Pitztal von oben

Zwar liebe ich die Schweiz, bei den Überlegungen hinsichtlich Fahrzeit und Preisniveau gewann in den letzen Jahren aber (zumindest im Winter) stets Österreich wenn es darum ging, einige Tage Winter und kalt und Schnee zu bekommen. Nachdem ich schon einige Male im Kleinwalsertal zu Gast war, konnte ich 2015 meine Frau überreden, mit mir einige Tage im Pitztal zu verbringen.

Darf ich vorstellen: das Pitztal

Das Pitztal ist ein ruhiges Seitental in Tirol mit 4 Gemeinden und knapp 7500 Einwohnern, bekannt vor allem für das Skigebiet Pitztaler Gletscher. Uns ging es aber nicht ums Skifahren, wir hatten andere Dinge im Sinn: Winterwandern, entspannen, lecker essen und trinken. Und fotografieren natürlich (nun ja, zumindest einer von uns)...

Hotel Seppl Pitztal Österreich im WinterHotel Seppl im PitztalMalerisch eingerahmt von den Bergen der Pitztaler Alpen Dieses Hotel war unser Basislager für ausgedehnte Wandertouren.

Bedingt durch die Lage des Tales verläuft ein großer Teil der Winterwanderwege entlang der 40 Kilometer langen Langlauf-Loipe.

Wandern und Skilanglauf im Pitztal Tirol Österreich im WinterLanglauf und WandernPitztal, Tirol, Österreich im Winter Sowohl die Loipe als auch die meist direkt daneben verlaufenden Wege waren stets sehr gut präpariert. Besonders schön wurde der Wanderweg immer dann, wenn er für eine kurze Strecke in den Wald abbog:

Tief verschneiter Wald - Winterwandern im PitztalMit Schnee bedeckte BäumeWinterwunderland Österreich

Winterwandern im Pitztal: verschneite Tannen

Ist das nicht traumhaft? Ich liebe es, wenn im Winter Schnee auf den Bäumen liegt! Sobald der Himmel blau wird und die Sonne ihre Kraft entfaltet ist es um den Schnee auf den Wipfeln allerdings schnell geschehen. Mit Licht und Schatten lässt sich die herrliche Landschaft dann aber durch den Sucher der Kamera sehr schön modellieren.

Stapel mit Holzscheiten im Winter Pitztal ÖsterreichSchöner heizenStapel mit Brennholz im Pitztal

Wenn man das Tal erwandert hat, gibt es noch einige andere Möglichkeiten...

Hoch hinauf mit der Wildspitzbahn

Wildspitzbahn und Berge im Winter Pitztal ÖsterreichDer Berg ruftMit der Wildspitzbahn bequem auf den hinteren Brunnenkogel

Auch wenn man nicht Ski fährt lohnt sich eine Fahrt mit der Wildspitzbahn (Österreichs höchste Seilbahn) hinauf auf den hinteren Brunnenkogel. In der Bergstation befindet sich das Cafe 3.440 - sogar mit freiem WLAN. Von hier aus hat man einen - je nach Wetterlage - mehr oder weniger eindrucksvollen Blick auf die Gletscherwelt.

Traum und Realität - Blick auf Berge in Tirol ÖsterreichWunsch und WirklichkeitSo würde die Gletscherwelt aussehen wenn das Wetter gut und der Himmel blau wären Wunsch und Realität: Bergpanorama bei gutem und weniger gutem Wetter

Kapelle des weißen Lichts

Inmitten der verschneiten Bergwelt liegt die Kapelle des weißen Lichtes, ein minimalistisches Meisterwerk des Tiroler Künstlers Professor Rudi Wach:

Kapelle des weißen Lichts Pitztal ÖsterreichKapelle des weißen LichtsSakrales Kunstwerk mitten in den Bergen

Wandern im Winter deluxe: Der Weg um den Rifflsee

Ein weiteres Highlight in Bezug auf das Winterwandern ist zweifellos der präparierte Weg rund um den (im Winter oft zugeschneiten) Rifflsee:

Skilanglauf und Wandern im Winter im Pitztal ÖsterreichLanglauf und Winterwandern bei bestem WetterLoipe und Wanderweg rund um den Rifflsee Entlang der Rifflseeloipe lässt es sich wunderbar wandern, bei gemütlichem Tempo ist der Rundweg in knapp 2 Stunden bewältigt, Fotografen brauchen angeblich ungefähr doppelt so lange. Sagt meine Frau.

Viel Schnee im Pitztal - Winterwandern in den BergenTonnenweise Schnee - so muss der Winter aussehenKurze Rast und Gelegenheit zum fotografieren :-)

Kurze Pause im Winterwunderland, massig Schnee in den Pitztaler Alpen

Nur schwarz und weiß...

Zum Winter passen meiner Ansicht nach Fotos in schwarzweiß ganz wunderbar, deshalb zum Abschluss unseres Ausfluges zum Winterwandern im Pitztal noch einige Impressionen ganz ohne Farbe und bunt:

Berg und Skipisten Rifflsee Pitztal ÖsterreichSkifahren in den Pitztaler AlpenDie Berge Österreichs sehen auch in schwarzweiß sehr gut aus

Spuren im Schnee - Berge und Skipisten im Pitztal (beim Rifflsee) im Winter

Eiszapfen im Winter schwarzweißEiszapfen im WinterKontrastreiches Foto in schwarzweiß

Sie tauen schon - Eiszapfen im Winter

Benni Raich Brücke Pitztal im Winter schwarzweißHängebrücke im WinterBenni Raich Brücke von oben, schwarzweiß

Hängebrücke im Pitztal von oben: Die Benni Raich Brücke im Winter bei Schnee

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Die Bilder werden von Fine Art America, einem der weltweit führenden Anbieter, in sehr hoher Qualität gedruckt und weltweit verschickt, inzwischen gibt es auch mehrere hochwertige Labore in Europa. Alle Produkte kommen mit einer Geld zurück Garantie (30 Tage) und können hier bestellt werden:

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Fascinating abstract fractal art for home decor and interior design

Decorative Fractal Art

About two years ago I did my first Fractal Art blogpost. Since then the amount of Fractal sales has been increasing. As I love those fascinating Fractals it makes me very happy to see more and more people cherishing this contemporary Math Art. Due to modern software and editing techniques Fractal Art is no longer for Geeks only - it's the perfect choice for all home decorators and interior designers to spice up a room. Amazing spirals with great depth, floral patterns with beautiful jewel colors, girly pink abstracts and the cool, classic mandelbrot set - a perfect fit for every wall, available as posters and prints (framed, canvas, metal, acrylic) in all sizes. But this is not the end, many of my Fractals are now available as throw pillow, duvet cover, shower curtain, tote bag and phone case.

So what happened in the last years? I upgraded some of my most popular works with new variations and created completly new series, both was great fun and I can't wait to show you the results. So here we go:

Fractal Art with Jewel ColorsFractal Art with Jewel ColorsAmazing green, purple and golden colors, floral elements and spirals

Let's start with the popular Mandelbrot Fractal with the jewel colored floral patterns and spirals. You may know the square format artwork on the right. For all of you that wanted a horizontal or vertical image: they are here! I created a set of new abstracts with even more color variations - all with the jewel colors you love!

Yes, I know, many of you love the square format - don't worry I made some new variations for you, enjoy!

Vertical Fractal art with jewel colors green gold purpleFractal Art with jewel colorsVertical format artwork

Jewel colored abstract fractal art by Matthias HauserFascinating Floral Fractal :-)Digital leaves and spirals, amazing jewel colors Fractal abstract spirals and leaves green purpleGreen and purple abstract artFractel leaves and spirals

Another series that my customers love are the Contact fractals:

Contact - spiral fractal art by Matthias HauserContact - Two spirals connectingBeautiuful red, gray, light blue and beige colors

Fractal Spiral Art red light blue gray brownSpirals and floral patternsModern digital art based on a mandelbrot fractal, beautiful red, grey, light blue and brown colors, square format. Abstract fractal spirals red light blue gray beigeAmazing spiralsLook at the beautiful colors!

Brand new and already one of my favorites: the copper spiral series:

Silver copper beigeModern abstract fractal artAmazing colors (silver, gray, copper, brown, beige, orange, blue, black) and beautiful spirals.


Fractal art vortex silver gray beige copper blue blackFractal spirals building a vortexAbstract math art with wonderful colors

An all time classic, the vibrant red and yellow spirals:

Vivid red and yellow fractal spiralsVibrant and full of energyRed and yellow spirals wiht metal effect

The highlights of this sparkling fractal design are the vivid yellow, orange and red metallic colors and beautiful glossy spirals and lines. This art adds power, joy and energy to every room.

Decorative fractal spiral red and yellowRed and yellow spiralAbstract fractal art Glossy vivid spiral design red and yellowGlossy metallic fractal designSparkling yellow, red and orange spirals and lines

I love to work in series but in the beginning there is always a single fractal. I will show you two of them. Do you think I should to more in this style? Just drop me a comment below.

Fractal spiral art Rose Quartz and SerenityPink and blue abstract art based on a fractalJust pink and blue? No, the exact colors are Rose Quartz and Serenity. For the first time, the blending of two shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity are chosen as the Pantone Color of the Year (2016).

No, this is not just pink and blue... The exact tones are Rose Quartz and Serenity, the Pantone colors of the year 2016. This fractal spiral is a perfect fit for the blending of this two shades. Imagine it hanging in your bedroom, living room or in a girls room.

Pretty girly fractal, huh? In contrast to this dream in the trending colors I have one last fractal for you. A manly fractal. The classic Mandelbrot Set in the classic color: black.

Fractal Art - black Mandelbrot SetBlack Mandelbrot SetThe most manly fractal on this planet

Fractal Art for Sale

All fractals are high quality renders, the colors and contrasts are optimized even for large format prints. They look amazing as metal or acrylic print. Also available as canvas print, framed print (many different frames available) and poster - all for your home decor and interior design needs!

Every purchase comes with a 30 days money back guarantee so you are completly safe when you buy one of this artworks online.

If you are interested in one of the fractal pictures in this blogpost just click on the image and it takes you to the product page. More than 300 Fractals are available here: Fractal Art prints and posters Gallery

Any questions: just contact me!

Fraktale Kunst als Wandschmuck für Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz

Natürlich können - und sollen - Sie alle Fraktale über obigen Link bestellen. Die Produktion und Auslieferung der Kunstwerke erfolgt durch Fine Art America weltweit, es gibt z.B. Labore in England und den Niederlanden. Die Auswahl an Größen und Produkten sowie die Fertigungsqualität sind unerreicht, weshalbe ich stets empfehle, dort zu bestellen.

Für den deutschsprachigen Raum gibt es mit Arflakes noch eine Alternative. Gute Qualität und z.T. niedrigere Versandkosten - allerdings auch weniger Auswahl. Einige meiner Fraktale sind dort verfügbar, bitte hier klicken: Fraktale Kunst von Matthias Hauser

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Not your ordinary Space images Fascinating universe

Ever since I was a kid I loved the outer space. I missed not a single episode of Star Trek and was more than ready to boldly go where no man has gone before - enjoying the comfort of my television chair while cruising through unknown galaxies.

Hubble Space Telescope

Some time ago I discovered the stunning photos captured by the Hubble Space Telescope - and was hooked. I browsed through the fascinating pictures of stars, planets, nebulas and galaxies and even printed some of them. And I was a little bit disappointed. Not because of the subjects, they are wonderful. But my inner artist wanted more. More vibrant colors, more clarity, bigger sizes.

So I tried different techniques until I found a combination of tools that allowed me to produce large pictures with crisp and vivid colors. One step of the process includes a complete digital repainting of the image, another boosts the colors without loosing the look and feel or the original photo.

This is one of the results:

Space image Small Magellanic CloudSmall Magellanic Cloud (SMC) SMC is a small galaxy about 200,000 light-years away. It is one of the Milky Way's closest galactic neighbors.

Unlike most of the original Hubble photos the encanced pictures are printable in very large sizes and they look stunning as large canvas print, metal print or acrylic print.

It's such a great fun to look into the Space telescope archives and edit the best subjects. Can you believe how beautiful our universe is? Look at this, a orange rose made of galaxies, elegant and luxe:

Space image Hubble telescope Rose cluster galaxyA rose made of galaxies A pair of interacting galaxies called Arp 273

When looking for posters and prints from the Hubble Space Telescope please be aware that most vendors just take the original photo. Some of them do a little photoshop work, others sell an unworked picture. Believe me, it makes a great difference how the edit is done. Many of the older photos are low in contrast and the colors are weak. Just throwing them in Photoshop and enhancing contrast and saturation can easily ruin the picture (lots of noise and image artifacts especially in large size prints).

By carefully enhancing the colors and the contrast the images get great depth:

Space image barred spiral galaxy NGC 1300Beautiful barred spiral galaxy NGC 1300Stunning orange and blue colors Imagine this beautiful barred spiral galaxy hanging in your living room as large metal or acrylic print - a perfect place to enjoy the fascination of the universe all day long.

Or how about a square format picture, this is the amazing colored horsehead nebula:

Horsehead nebula space image Hubble TelescopeHorsehead nebulaAmazing orange, blue and black image from outer space

Rising like a giant seahorse from turbulent waves of dust and gas is the Horsehead Nebula, otherwise known as Barnard 33. 

Want to have a whole Star Cluster in your home or office? Here we go:

Space Image Star Cluster Westerlund 2 orange red blue blackStar ClusterWesterlund 2, stunning orange, red, blue and black colors

Westerlund 2 is a giant cluster of about 3000 stars located 20 000 light-years away in the constellation Carina. 

Buy a space image online

All images (the ones you saw here and many more) are available in many different sizes and styles, every purchase comes with an 30 days money back guarantee. Bring the universe in your home or office and click here to buy a high quality space image online: Space image gallery

If you are interested in one of the pictures in this blogpost just click on the image and it will take you directly to the product page of my shop.

I'm more than happy to answer any question, just contact me.


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