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Iceland West Fjords Fine Art Prints

February 15, 2016  •  5 Comments

Hi there, great to have you back! After traveling to Reykjanes and Sneaefellsnes we're moving forward to the Westfjords now. Unnoticed from tourism for many years this amazing part of Iceland gets more and more visitors. No surprise, this peninsula has a wonderful coastline with lots of fjords surrounded by hills and mountains. One of the many highlights this land of fire and ice has to offer. But be warned: better bring some time with you, don't hurry, you will drive mainly on gravel roads. Which is o.k. because you will have to stop the car many times to take tons of pictures:

Westfjords IcelandFjord in IcelandBlue, green and brown landscape

Best weather and a wonderful panorama, one of the many fjords.

Car on a road in Iceland - snow in JuneIt's warm inside the car...... and really cold outside. Iceland in June 2015.

The West Fjords are mountainous, be prepared to see some snow in June.

Arnarfjordur West Fjords IcelandWater all overAmazing landscape

A waterfall (Dynjandi) pouring in a river that leads into a fjord (Arnafjordur) surrounded by hills - can't get much better. 

Dynjandi waterfall in Iceland black and whiteLooks good in black and whiteMajestic Dynjandi waterfall with stark contrast

This is the impressive Dynjandi waterfall, looks great in black and white.

Car on a mountain pass in the Westfjords in IcelandDriving Gravel RoadsMountain pass in the Westfjords Traveling on a gravel road over a snow-covered mountain pass in June: welcome to Iceland!

Old rusty construction vehicle with sheep in the westfjords in IcelandSheep...... in Iceland

Looking for some shadow: cute sheep taking a break.

Hrafnseyri kirkja church in IcelandLovely idyllPicturesque church in a dream landscape, fantastic green, blue, red and white tones

Hrafnseyri Kirkja, lovely white and red church surrounded by green grass and snow-covered mountains.

Beach and ocean in the west fjords in Iceland EuropeGolden sand and turquoise waterSunny coast in the westfjords

No, this is not the beach of a Caribbean Island - it's Iceland. Really. Trust me. You will see such beautiful golden beaches when traveling through the Westfjords.

Two Puffins captured in IcelandDo you really think the grass is greener on the other side?Cute puffin couple in Iceland

Puffins. The cutest birds on the whole earth. At least I think so :-) 

Ship wreck Gardar BA 64 Patreksfjordur West Fjords IcelandShip wreck Gardar BA 64Red, white, blue and green - wonderful fresh and clear colors

"There is a ship" she said as we are driving along the coast. "And it is on the shore". Of course we had to stop. Again. And take some pictures. Again. This is Gardar BA 64, a ship wreck that got a fresh painting not too long ago. 

Blue sky and water and snow-covered mountains in IcelandDream in white and blueWater and mountains

With this dream in blue and white we are leaving the Westfjords. But don't be sad, in two weeks I will show you the beauty of North Iceland. Stay tuned.

Westfjords Fine Art Prints

Many of the pictures in this article are avaiable as posters, framed art prints, canvas, metal or acrylic prints here: visit the Iceland West Fjords photo gallery or take a look at all of my Iceland Fine Art Photography.

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Matthias Hauser Fotografie
Thank you very much Melissa!
The photo of Dynjandi is stunning. Really does the waterfall justice. Nice job!
Matthias Hauser Fotografie
Thanks a lot Maggy and Manzoor!
Beautiful pleace
Amazing images and interesting article Matthias!!
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