Matthias Hauser Fotografie | Iceland captured with the iPhone Part 1

Iceland captured with the iPhone Part 1

March 30, 2016  •  6 Comments

In the last five Blogposts I had the pleasure to show you photos from different parts of Iceland: Reykjanes, Snaefellsnes, Westfjords, North Iceland and the amazing Jökulsarlon Glacier lagoon

All of the images you saw were taken with my beloved Nikon D800, a really great DSLR camera. As a backup - and for times when the Nikon is too big or too loud - I have a little compact camera from Sony (a RX100) with me. 

And then there is the iPhone. When traveling it is a great companion for Mails, WhatsApp, travel related apps - and even to make a phone call... ;-) I tried other phones (mainly Android), they are great but none of them did run my favorite Photo App: Hipstamatic (nowadays I mainly use Oggl, a App from the same company). Besides the photo apps there is a main reason for every photographer to have an iPhone: the panorama mode. The build in camera app is doing a great job in doing panorama images.

So without furter ado - as an intermezzo in my little Iceland photo series I love to present you a blogpost with photos from my iPhone (it's a 6 Plus):

Heart shaped cloud and the wing of an airplaneHeart shaped cloudThere is always something new to discover above those clouds... :-)

Artificial deer antlersInterior with deer antlersOur first vacation home

Sign Fine Beer always serves hereFine BeerAlways served here. Sign on a tree.

Geothermal area in IcelandBrown, orange and steamy...Geothermal area in Iceland

Lake Graenavatn in IcelandGreen and blue IcelandBeautiful lake Graenavatn

Simple and creative toilet paper spender in IcelandToilet paper spenderSimple solution :-)

Icelandic meat soup closeupIcelandic Meat soupVery tasty, be sure to try at least one when visiting Iceland!

Coffee and donutsMake a breakCoffee and Donuts

Yellow Bonus shopping cards in IcelandBonus...Iceland is expensive, the Bonus supermarkets are an affordable way for your shopping needs.

Black and white image of a nesting box with wetplate effectNesting boxFor the lovely Icelandic Birds :-)

Snaefellsnes coast West IcelandCoast and oceanAmazing coastline, Snaefellsnes, West Iceland

Dritvik coast Iceland ocean and rocks and black beachPower of waterWaves crashing agains the cliffs and the black beach of Dritvik, Iceland.

Rests of a shipwreck on a beach Dritvik IcelandRests of a shipwreck on the pebbled beachDritvik / Djupalonssandur, Snaefellsnes coast, Iceland

This was part one of the Iceland iPhone photo gallery, stay tuned for part two where I will show you some amazing panoramas :-)

Some of my phone pics are for sale at Mobile Prints (former Instaprints), check them out here: Iceland Mobile Prints Photo Gallery


Matthias Hauser Fotografie
Hi Bob, thanks for commenting! Yes, you are right, Iceland is expensive. If you love snow you can try to go in winter, it's more affordable then. I had a D300 before the D800, both are great cams. Regarding the mailing list: You might look in your Gmail spam folder when the next mail goes out, Google puts it there sometimes...
Robert Johnston(non-registered)
Have wanted to go to Iceland for a long time, and then to Scotland. When it was affordable, had no time. When retired, had the time but it was no longer affordable. Maybe in my "next life." Good shots for an iPhone. Not familiar with the D800 will have to look it up. Still using my old Nikon for BW that I bought in the 50's seems like you can kill them. Using my D300 for a DSL.... Haven't seen any yet with the D800, as I have been on the list for some time, will have to check my computer to find out why I don't get the newsletter. Had a motherboard burn up, it might have messed my allowed mail at the time.
Matthias Hauser Fotografie
Thank you so much for your nice comment William! No, unfortunately we are not in Iceland right now, all the pics are from June 2015 :-)
William Tasker(non-registered)
What a fabulous post! The images are fantastic. I take it you are in Iceland right now? This was great fun to stroll through.
Matthias Hauser Fotografie
Thank you very much Melinda!
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