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Not your ordinary Space images

November 28, 2015  •  3 Comments

Fascinating universe

Ever since I was a kid I loved the outer space. I missed not a single episode of Star Trek and was more than ready to boldly go where no man has gone before - enjoying the comfort of my television chair while cruising through unknown galaxies.

Hubble Space Telescope

Some time ago I discovered the stunning photos captured by the Hubble Space Telescope - and was hooked. I browsed through the fascinating pictures of stars, planets, nebulas and galaxies and even printed some of them. And I was a little bit disappointed. Not because of the subjects, they are wonderful. But my inner artist wanted more. More vibrant colors, more clarity, bigger sizes.

So I tried different techniques until I found a combination of tools that allowed me to produce large pictures with crisp and vivid colors. One step of the process includes a complete digital repainting of the image, another boosts the colors without loosing the look and feel or the original photo.

This is one of the results:

Space image Small Magellanic CloudSmall Magellanic Cloud (SMC) SMC is a small galaxy about 200,000 light-years away. It is one of the Milky Way's closest galactic neighbors.

Unlike most of the original Hubble photos the encanced pictures are printable in very large sizes and they look stunning as large canvas print, metal print or acrylic print.

It's such a great fun to look into the Space telescope archives and edit the best subjects. Can you believe how beautiful our universe is? Look at this, a orange rose made of galaxies, elegant and luxe:

Space image Hubble telescope Rose cluster galaxyA rose made of galaxies A pair of interacting galaxies called Arp 273

When looking for posters and prints from the Hubble Space Telescope please be aware that most vendors just take the original photo. Some of them do a little photoshop work, others sell an unworked picture. Believe me, it makes a great difference how the edit is done. Many of the older photos are low in contrast and the colors are weak. Just throwing them in Photoshop and enhancing contrast and saturation can easily ruin the picture (lots of noise and image artifacts especially in large size prints).

By carefully enhancing the colors and the contrast the images get great depth:

Space image barred spiral galaxy NGC 1300Beautiful barred spiral galaxy NGC 1300Stunning orange and blue colors Imagine this beautiful barred spiral galaxy hanging in your living room as large metal or acrylic print - a perfect place to enjoy the fascination of the universe all day long.

Or how about a square format picture, this is the amazing colored horsehead nebula:

Horsehead nebula space image Hubble TelescopeHorsehead nebulaAmazing orange, blue and black image from outer space

Rising like a giant seahorse from turbulent waves of dust and gas is the Horsehead Nebula, otherwise known as Barnard 33. 

Want to have a whole Star Cluster in your home or office? Here we go:

Space Image Star Cluster Westerlund 2 orange red blue blackStar ClusterWesterlund 2, stunning orange, red, blue and black colors

Westerlund 2 is a giant cluster of about 3000 stars located 20 000 light-years away in the constellation Carina. 

Buy a space image online

All images (the ones you saw here and many more) are available in many different sizes and styles, every purchase comes with an 30 days money back guarantee. Bring the universe in your home or office and click here to buy a high quality space image online: Space image gallery

If you are interested in one of the pictures in this blogpost just click on the image and it will take you directly to the product page of my shop.

I'm more than happy to answer any question, just contact me.



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