Fascinating abstract fractal art for home decor and interior design

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Decorative Fractal Art

About two years ago I did my first Fractal Art blogpost. Since then the amount of Fractal sales has been increasing. As I love those fascinating Fractals it makes me very happy to see more and more people cherishing this contemporary Math Art. Due to modern software and editing techniques Fractal Art is no longer for Geeks only - it's the perfect choice for all home decorators and interior designers to spice up a room. Amazing spirals with great depth, floral patterns with beautiful jewel colors, girly pink abstracts and the cool, classic mandelbrot set - a perfect fit for every wall, available as posters and prints (framed, canvas, metal, acrylic) in all sizes. But this is not the end, many of my Fractals are now available as throw pillow, duvet cover, shower curtain, tote bag and phone case.

So what happened in the last years? I upgraded some of my most popular works with new variations and created completly new series, both was great fun and I can't wait to show you the results. So here we go:

Fractal Art with Jewel ColorsFractal Art with Jewel ColorsAmazing green, purple and golden colors, floral elements and spirals

Let's start with the popular Mandelbrot Fractal with the jewel colored floral patterns and spirals. You may know the square format artwork on the right. For all of you that wanted a horizontal or vertical image: they are here! I created a set of new abstracts with even more color variations - all with the jewel colors you love!

Yes, I know, many of you love the square format - don't worry I made some new variations for you, enjoy!

Vertical Fractal art with jewel colors green gold purpleFractal Art with jewel colorsVertical format artwork

Jewel colored abstract fractal art by Matthias HauserFascinating Floral Fractal :-)Digital leaves and spirals, amazing jewel colors Fractal abstract spirals and leaves green purpleGreen and purple abstract artFractel leaves and spirals

Another series that my customers love are the Contact fractals:

Contact - spiral fractal art by Matthias HauserContact - Two spirals connectingBeautiuful red, gray, light blue and beige colors

Fractal Spiral Art red light blue gray brownSpirals and floral patternsModern digital art based on a mandelbrot fractal, beautiful red, grey, light blue and brown colors, square format. Abstract fractal spirals red light blue gray beigeAmazing spiralsLook at the beautiful colors!

Brand new and already one of my favorites: the copper spiral series:

Silver copper beigeModern abstract fractal artAmazing colors (silver, gray, copper, brown, beige, orange, blue, black) and beautiful spirals.


Fractal art vortex silver gray beige copper blue blackFractal spirals building a vortexAbstract math art with wonderful colors

An all time classic, the vibrant red and yellow spirals:

Vivid red and yellow fractal spiralsVibrant and full of energyRed and yellow spirals wiht metal effect

The highlights of this sparkling fractal design are the vivid yellow, orange and red metallic colors and beautiful glossy spirals and lines. This art adds power, joy and energy to every room.

Decorative fractal spiral red and yellowRed and yellow spiralAbstract fractal art Glossy vivid spiral design red and yellowGlossy metallic fractal designSparkling yellow, red and orange spirals and lines

I love to work in series but in the beginning there is always a single fractal. I will show you two of them. Do you think I should to more in this style? Just drop me a comment below.

Fractal spiral art Rose Quartz and SerenityPink and blue abstract art based on a fractalJust pink and blue? No, the exact colors are Rose Quartz and Serenity. For the first time, the blending of two shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity are chosen as the Pantone Color of the Year (2016).

No, this is not just pink and blue... The exact tones are Rose Quartz and Serenity, the Pantone colors of the year 2016. This fractal spiral is a perfect fit for the blending of this two shades. Imagine it hanging in your bedroom, living room or in a girls room.

Pretty girly fractal, huh? In contrast to this dream in the trending colors I have one last fractal for you. A manly fractal. The classic Mandelbrot Set in the classic color: black.

Fractal Art - black Mandelbrot SetBlack Mandelbrot SetThe most manly fractal on this planet

Fractal Art for Sale

All fractals are high quality renders, the colors and contrasts are optimized even for large format prints. They look amazing as metal or acrylic print. Also available as canvas print, framed print (many different frames available) and poster - all for your home decor and interior design needs!

Every purchase comes with a 30 days money back guarantee so you are completly safe when you buy one of this artworks online.

If you are interested in one of the fractal pictures in this blogpost just click on the image and it takes you to the product page. More than 300 Fractals are available here: Fractal Art prints and posters Gallery

Any questions: just contact me!

Fraktale Kunst als Wandschmuck für Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz

Natürlich können - und sollen - Sie alle Fraktale über obigen Link bestellen. Die Produktion und Auslieferung der Kunstwerke erfolgt durch Fine Art America weltweit, es gibt z.B. Labore in England und den Niederlanden. Die Auswahl an Größen und Produkten sowie die Fertigungsqualität sind unerreicht, weshalbe ich stets empfehle, dort zu bestellen.

Für den deutschsprachigen Raum gibt es mit Arflakes noch eine Alternative. Gute Qualität und z.T. niedrigere Versandkosten - allerdings auch weniger Auswahl. Einige meiner Fraktale sind dort verfügbar, bitte hier klicken: Fraktale Kunst von Matthias Hauser

Noch Fragen? Kontakt.

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